Possible Penalties for Your First DUI in Florida

Being charged with a DUI is pretty much bad news in any part of the country, but in Florida things can be a bit worse. One reason is because if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, the DUI will stay on your record for 75 years. – Or pretty much for a lifetime. Unlike some other states, there is absolutely no chance of having a DUI expunged or sealed in the state of Florida. For smart people, this knowledge is a great deterrent and reminder that catching a ride or calling a cab is a really good idea after having a few drinks. Below is a breakdown of possible penalties that come with a first-offense DUI conviction in the sunshine state.

In Florida, driving under the influence and getting busted will earn you a license suspension of 180 days to a year depending on the details of your case. In Alabama it’s just 90 days. However, if you refuse to take the blood alcohol test at the time of arrest, because of Florida’s implied consent law, you will automatically lose your license for a solid year. Think about how this can impact your work, family and just everyday life.

Penalties don’t stop with license suspension however. Other than losing the ability to simply drive yourself to the grocery story, you could also be forced to catch a ride to your probation officer’s office. That’s right, you could end up on probation depending on the circumstances of your case.

So what about jail time? In Florida, you could serve up to 6 months in jail just for your first offense. – But here’s another kicker, if your blood alcohol concentration is.15 at the time of your arrest, a sentence of no more than 9 months in the big house will be issued.

You could also do a little community service and get a chance to go back to school… DUI school that is. Your car will be impounded for a minimum of ten days. You may have an interlocking device installed on your car and you will fork over plenty of cash for the fines you will have to pay for your first DUI in Florida.

Fines for being convicted of drunk driving for the first time in Florida range from $500 to $1000. Whereas in states like Virginia you may pay as little as $250.

When all is said and done, the state of Florida hopes to see the 61,852 arrests in 2015 drop dramatically in 2016. This could keep lots of people from being injured or killed.


What Happens If a Truck Driver Gets a DUI in Florida

Getting a DUI in the state of Florida is already bad enough. Unlike some other states, in Florida when you get convicted of DUI, it is on your record for good. – Well for 75 years anyway. Which is pretty much for good. You can’t get the DUI conviction expunged or sealed. So employers, creditors and insurance companies can see the mark on your record. This obviously is not good.

When it comes to commercial drivers in the state of Florida, they are held to a higher standard than the average driver. This is for good reason. Drivers with a CDL carry children on school buses around town, transport hazardous materials and drive huge semis that can kill numbers of people with one wrong move at the wheel.

Below is information on what happens if a truck driver gets a DUI.

How Personal DUIs Affect a Truck Driver

As a truck driver, or anyone with a CDL, if you are caught driving your personal vehicle under the influence of alcohol in Florida, your CDL will be suspended for one year. – The same thing applies in the event you refuse the breath test. With a personal DUI you will not be eligible for a hardship as it relates to your CDL.< for having a better outcome is with an experienced DUI attorney who can help you plea to a lesser charge.

Getting a DUI While Driving a Semi

If a truck driver is caught driving their truck while under the influence of alcohol, they will jeopardize their whole truck driving career. In the state of Florida, the blood alcohol concentration limit for a commercial driver is .04%. That’s half of the standard DUI, .08%.

If a trucker gets a DUI while on the job, they must notify their employer within thirty days. Also, they will receive a mandatory one-year suspension of their CDL in the state of Florida.

Florida is very harsh on the transportation of hazardous materials while under the influence. If a truck driver is caught transporting hazardous materials with a blood alcohol concentration of .04%, they will lose their commercial driver’s license for three years.

Again, these suspensions are mandatory and are not eligible for hardship.

Don’t Risk It

It goes without saying that drunk driving can lead to all sorts of horrible things. – But as a truck driver in Florida, it can end your career for good.

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