When to Hire an Unemployment Attorney

Losing your job is hard enough. Your missing income hurts not just your pride, but also your bottom line. While it might feel counterintuitive to pay an unemployment attorney when you’re already short on cash, it could, in fact, be a great decision.

Unemployment paperwork might seem very simple and straightforward. In some states, you can even do the paperwork online. While each state requires differing information, all states require basic information like name, date of birth, and work history. You also have to give a reason for your unemployment. If you have been unemployed through no fault of your own, the state will quickly process the form, and you should begin receiving your benefits within a few weeks. However, there are several reasons why you might want to contact an unemployment attorney in order to gain access to your benefits.

Your Benefits Are Improperly Denied

If you have already been denied benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision. You have to file the appeal in writing and then attend a hearing. You may be able to phone into the hearing, but your presence is still the only way for the state to hear your side of it. A lawyer can help you prepare all the documents for the hearing. Correctly prepared documents can make the difference between winning the appeal and losing it.

You Were Fired

Unemployment is for those who are out of a job through no fault of their own. That means if you leave voluntarily or if you were fired for a serious reason, you won’t be eligible. In order to determine if your reasons for leaving a job qualify you for benefits, you must fill out paperwork and attend a hearing. How your facts are presented to the panel will determine whether or not you are able to receive benefits. Your unemployment attorney can help you fill out the paperwork appropriately and present your case effectively in order to help you gain access to the benefits you need.

You Have Legal Claims Against Your Former Employer

There are times in which you may have a legal claim against the employer who released you from your job. If your legal rights have been violated by this employer, a lawyer can help you bring a suit against him or her. Some examples include being laid off due to race, gender, or sexual orientation. Other reasons to bring a suit against your former employer may include being fired for reporting violations of health and safety codes to the appropriate authorities. An unemployment attorney can look at the facts of your case and determine if you have enough evidence to proceed with a suit against a former employer. If the case is good, not only can a lawyer help file for state benefits but they can also help prep any other civil suit you may want to bring against the company.


Four Reasons Why You Need a DUI Attorney

After being arrested for drinking and driving, you may be attempting to handle the matter on your own without any professional legal advice. Before you proceed to arraignment, it’s important to understand that being convicted of drunk driving carries serious consequences in every state, and the laws don’t necessitate that you be intoxicated or drunk to be found guilty. Whether you’ve just been arrested for the first time on driving while intoxicated charges or you’re facing repeat charges, these four reasons are worth consideration and will help explain how a qualified DUI attorney can navigate the court system and ensure that your case is handled properly.

1. Professional Assessment of Your Case

Since every case involves unique circumstances that are subject to different laws depending on the state you live in, the potential consequences of drinking and driving can vary greatly. An experienced DUI attorney will become an authority on your specific case and will help you understand the possible fines and/or jail time that you could be facing if your case proceeds to trial. Many lawyers in this area work exclusively on DUI matters and are experts in the process, including educating you on the sometimes hidden options that you may not be aware of. Your legal counsel will be able to tell you how the specific consequences in your state could affect you, and how you could be eligible for special programs such as community service in lieu of harsher penalties. In addition, hiring an advocate means you will have someone on your side that understands the motor vehicle licensing department’s power to revoke or suspend your license.

2. Help With Making the Process Manageable

Dealing with this type of offense can be time-consuming and complicated. A qualified lawyer can help make the process more manageable by completing all of the paperwork, handling phone calls, representing you at the suspension hearing for your license, and making other arrangements that can easily be mishandled by someone unaccustomed to the administrative side of the law. Additionally, an experienced DUI attorney will be familiar with the prosecutors and local authorities in your area, and will already know how to make the best arguments on your behalf.

3. Plea Advice

If this is your first offense, it can sometimes be wise to plead guilty depending on the facts of your case. But before making that decision, a DUI attorney can advise you on the fines and penalties in your state to ensure that you make the most informed decision. Your legal counsel can also provide advice on how to get one or more of your charges reduced by plea-bargaining before you decide whether or not to plead guilty.

4. Assistance With Sentence Bargaining

Besides plea-bargaining, it may also be possible to utilize sentence bargaining where you decide to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. In this situation, you would need a DUI attorney to help you figure out exactly what sentence you would get if you agreed to plead guilty to one charge but not to a second charge.

If you are feeling uncertain, choosing a high-quality lawyer could make a life-changing difference in the severity of the consequences you may be facing.


The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Domestic Violence Cases

When arguments get heated to the point where someone is injured, someone may call the police. Once reported, the incident may be labeled as domestic violence, a category that covers a variety of actions, including hitting, stalking, rape, and kidnapping.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined?

Domestic violence is defined as physical or mental abuse inflicted by a partner. This partner can be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other family member. This type of abuse includes inflicting bodily harm and taking measures to mentally torment someone so that they feel victimized. This can include imposing threats, blackmailing for money, withholding access to cash, and causing feelings of terror. It can result in years of mental anguish well after the case has been finalized.

Who Can Be Charged?

Virtually anyone can be charged with abuse, depending on the person’s age and the circumstances of the incident. If the charge results in a guilty verdict, it can mean jail time for the accused, particularly if anyone was injured or took part in serious crimes like false imprisonment or aggravated rape. The outcome of the case will vary from person to person, based on the facts, evidence, and the legal team working on the case.

Why Is a Criminal Defense Attorney Needed?

Anyone arrested for domestic violence will greatly benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Serious jail time is a possibility in this type of case, so it is crucial that fair legal representation is utilized. If there are past charges of abuse that resulted in any type of injury, it is even more important to seek the counsel of an experienced legal team.

If the allegations are false or exaggerated, a lawyer is needed even more. He or she will have the expertise required to prove that the charges were unnecessary. If the accusation proves to be true, an attorney may be able to secure a plea bargain in which the sentence can be reduced.

To avoid domestic violence charges, it is crucial to realize when it is time to walk away from an argument. If a disagreement becomes too volatile, take a breath and get out of the situation so that nothing escalates. For anyone who is accused of this crime, it is crucial to work very closely with a reputable criminal defense lawyer to ensure the case is tried fairly. Not going into court with fair representation can prove to be very costly.


Five Reasons to Trust a Criminal Attorney

It is rightly said that every individual must keep away from three professionals in life – doctors, cops and lawyers. However, due to a lot of circumstances, you unfortunately have to go to all the three of them. You visit doctors when you are unwell, you meet cops, even when you don’t drive properly and you have to get into the trap of unfaithful lawyers for a long list of problems.

Talking of lawyers, not all can be trusted. There are many lawyers, who fool their clients by being unfaithful to them. However, this does not mean that there are no lawyers, who can’t be trusted. When it comes to criminal attorneys, you have surely got to trust in them.

Wondering why and how? Here is a list of five reasons that would act as signs for you to trust them:

1) Their years of experience counts: If you really wish to find a trustworthy lawyer for your criminal case, you have got to find someone, who has a good amount of experience in the same field. If a lot of clients have worked with him, so can you!

2) They are not over-polite to you: It is okay to find a lawyer, who is polite, but over-politeness doesn’t work for sure! If your lawyer is trying to be over-polite to you, there are chances that he is passing your information to the other party.

3) They know how to maintain their respect in front of your eyes: Every lawyer must know how to maintain his dignity and respect in front of his clients. If you have met a professional, who knows how to talk to you and not divert his attention to his personal life, you can surely trust him.

4) They are not over-friendly to you and are not trying to get too personal to you: A good lawyer never tries to poke into your personal life, unless it is really needed or unless it is related to the case that you are trapped in. Sometimes, it is okay to question the client’s personal stories or affairs, but not always.

5) They don’t seem greedy to you and are dedicated to their work: A trustworthy lawyer is the one, who is extremely dedicated to his work. When he is working, there is absolutely nothing else that should come to his mind. Moreover, if you find a criminal attorney, who doesn’t seem greedy for his fees or money, you should thank your angels, since it is hard to get such professionals.