The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Domestic Violence Cases

When arguments get heated to the point where someone is injured, someone may call the police. Once reported, the incident may be labeled as domestic violence, a category that covers a variety of actions, including hitting, stalking, rape, and kidnapping.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined?

Domestic violence is defined as physical or mental abuse inflicted by a partner. This partner can be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other family member. This type of abuse includes inflicting bodily harm and taking measures to mentally torment someone so that they feel victimized. This can include imposing threats, blackmailing for money, withholding access to cash, and causing feelings of terror. It can result in years of mental anguish well after the case has been finalized.

Who Can Be Charged?

Virtually anyone can be charged with abuse, depending on the person’s age and the circumstances of the incident. If the charge results in a guilty verdict, it can mean jail time for the accused, particularly if anyone was injured or took part in serious crimes like false imprisonment or aggravated rape. The outcome of the case will vary from person to person, based on the facts, evidence, and the legal team working on the case.

Why Is

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What Happens to a Teacher Who Gets a DUI?

Teachers are people who have a great impact on children’s lives. Because of this, teachers are held to very high standards in order to keep their jobs. – And keeping a clean record is a part of this. A DUI is something that can ruin a teacher’s clean record and the penalties of a DUI as a teacher can be more than just a legal nightmare riddled with fines, community service, counseling and DUI school.

The Potential for Job Loss

In some cases a teacher who gets a DUI can lose their job immediately. However, in other situations teachers will be able to continue working, but their contract may not be renewed at the end of its term. Ultimately the decision depends on the school, the circumstances of the DUI and the state. If the DUI is a misdemeanor then an employer may be a little more lenient. However, if the DUI conviction is a felony, then of course the risk of a teacher losing their job is much higher.

Job Suspension

Some school districts will choose an alternative form of punishment for a teacher who is convicted of a DUI, such as a suspension without pay or requiring the teacher to take a

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Possible Penalties for Your First DUI in Florida

Being charged with a DUI is pretty much bad news in any part of the country, but in Florida things can be a bit worse. One reason is because if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, the DUI will stay on your record for 75 years. – Or pretty much for a lifetime. Unlike some other states, there is absolutely no chance of having a DUI expunged or sealed in the state of Florida. For smart people, this knowledge is a great deterrent and reminder that catching a ride or calling a cab is a really good idea after having a few drinks. Below is a breakdown of possible penalties that come with a first-offense DUI conviction in the sunshine state.

In Florida, driving under the influence and getting busted will earn you a license suspension of 180 days to a year depending on the details of your case. In Alabama it’s just 90 days. However,

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Points to Consider When Choosing Legal Representation for a DUI

If you are facing drunk driving charges, you are facing a serious matter and there is a lot at stake. Because of this you are probably going to want to consult with a DUI attorney. An attorney can help you navigate through the complexities of the legal system, lighten the load and get charges reduced depending on the circumstances. When choosing an attorney however, there are several things you need to consider.

Consider an Attorney’s Experience

When it comes to attorneys, just like other professions, they aren’t all the same. Some have been in the business of defending clients for many years longer than other attorneys. – And this can make all of the difference. An experienced attorney might be able to provide you with advice on other options for the penalties you may face.

Select an Attorney with a Proven Track Record

You will always want to find a DUI attorney with a proven track record. – And checking on this is easier than you may think. There are plenty of websites online that have customer and client reviews of many different products and services including lawyers. So just by doing a few simple searches online, you can have a good idea

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Five Reasons to Trust a Criminal Attorney

It is rightly said that every individual must keep away from three professionals in life – doctors, cops and lawyers. However, due to a lot of circumstances, you unfortunately have to go to all the three of them. You visit doctors when you are unwell, you meet cops, even when you don’t drive properly and you have to get into the trap of unfaithful lawyers for a long list of problems.

Talking of lawyers, not all can be trusted. There are many lawyers, who fool their clients by being unfaithful to them. However, this does not mean that there are no lawyers, who can’t be trusted. When it comes to criminal attorneys, you have surely got to trust in them.

Wondering why and how? Here is a list of five reasons that would act as signs for you to trust them:

1) Their years of experience counts: If you really wish to find a trustworthy lawyer for your criminal case, you have got to find someone, who has a good amount of experience in the same field. If a lot of clients have worked with him, so can you!

2) They are not over-polite to you: It is okay to find a lawyer, who

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What Happens If a Truck Driver Gets a DUI in Florida

Getting a DUI in the state of Florida is already bad enough. Unlike some other states, in Florida when you get convicted of DUI, it is on your record for good. – Well for 75 years anyway. Which is pretty much for good. You can’t get the DUI conviction expunged or sealed. So employers, creditors and insurance companies can see the mark on your record. This obviously is not good.

When it comes to commercial drivers in the state of Florida, they are held to a higher standard than the average driver. This is for good reason. Drivers with a CDL carry children on school buses around town, transport hazardous materials and drive huge semis that can kill numbers of people with one wrong move at the wheel.

Below is information on what happens if a truck driver gets a DUI.

How Personal DUIs Affect a Truck Driver

As a truck driver, or anyone with a CDL, if you are caught driving your personal vehicle under the influence of alcohol in Florida, your CDL will be suspended for one year. – The same thing applies in the event you refuse the breath test. With a personal DUI you will not be eligible forview full post »

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Can I Fight My DUI Charge?

If you are facing DUI charges at the moment, you might be wondering whether or not you should plead guilty. Although pleading guilty will cut down on time and get the case closed sooner, it does entail a list of penalties and consequences. This can include hefty fines, community service, rehabilitation, probation, drug testing, suspended drivers’ license, revocation of professional licenses, and more.

So Here’s What You Need To Know:

Most drunk driving defendants can get their charges reduced, but they are still found guilty. That is why the best option is to take a plea deal so you can eliminate jail time and avoid the maximum charges for your crime. However rare, there are some DUI cases that get dismissed, but for very specific circumstances. Continue reading to learn which scenarios are likely to result in a drunk driving conviction, and which ones may get a person off the hook.

Guilty Conviction

In a DUI case, a defendant is likely to receive a guilty conviction is there is simply no refutable evidence otherwise that they were drunk and operating a vehicle, or, if their BAC was high. A BAC of 0.08 is perhaps arguable in terms of time and so forth, but BAC’s

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