Do You Feel Your Employer Terminated You Without Cause?

A wrongful termination lawyer can help you to get these reasons noticed and taken care of. A business shouldn’t feel they have all the power to do what they want and treat people any way they want. If they go that route, they will find employees are fearful to speak up because they don’t want to get fired. Don’t let them get away with such behaviors.

May be Hard to Prove

It may be hard to prove, but the more your wrongful termination lawyer investigate, the more they can use to help with building a case. They may be able to reach out to other current and past employees of the same company. Finding a constant theme of such behavior helps to verify it in a court of law.

Most people don’t realize though, even with an at will employer, there are still limits to what they can do legally. If you were considered a whistleblower and they got rid of you, this is a huge concern as there are laws to protect you against that. Your wrongful termination lawyer is going to be able to explore them with you and explain how they apply.

Look into it

Part of why it is hard to prove has to do with the risk of you just being a disgruntled employee trying to retaliate. It doesn’t hurt for you to look into the matter and speak with a wrongful termination lawyer. Let them know the situation and they can tell you if they feel it is worth pursuing and if they can represent you.

They can also share with you the information they need you to give, the possible outcomes, the cost of hiring them, and other information. Based on what they tell you, it is your decision to move forward with the case against your previous employer or not.

Possible Outcomes

There are several possible outcomes when you work with a wrongful termination lawyer. The company may offer a settlement to help keep this all under the radar. They don’t want to go to court and they don’t want the negative publicity. You may be inclined to take that money and it is your decision.

You can also decline it and continue with the court proceedings so it goes on record what they have done to you and they are held accountable. You can still qualify for a settlement this way but it can take time to get through the courts. Sometimes, it is years before the case is completed so you need to be ready for that.

Do you really want your job back? Perhaps you loved working there and that the outcome you want. Yet it may be harder than you think to go back to the same old routine there after what you have been through. You need to carefully think about that possibility too.

There is the risk your wrongful termination lawyer won’t be able to prove enough to help you win the case. If you have worked there for a time, have good reviews, showed up as scheduled, and more then it is easier for them to show there was no just cause for you to lose that job.


An Overview of the ILO Constitution on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

The International Labour Organisation adopted the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in 1998. Although this process started in 1995 at the Copenhagen World Summit for Social Development, it was finally adopted in 1998 and since then it has been gaining pace. The features of the Declaration serve as its identification of the core standards; they are applicable to all the Member States irrespective of the fact whether they have ratified the Conventions.

Notably, the Declaration conferred upon the international community equal importance for human rights, liberalization of international trade, improved labour standards at the national level, and a decentralized system of labour standards implementation making the standards more readily palatable to employers. However, due to the problematic nature of the international enforcement mechanisms, some scholars have criticized these labour standards as impractical. In this regard, the main criticism states that issues pertaining to trade and labour must be kept separate as bringing labour issues into the World Trade Organisation would mean imposing trade sanctions to issues such as child labour.

The preamble of the ILO provides for universal support and acknowledgement in promoting fundamental rights at work and also for their universal application. The principle of ‘freedom of association’ has been expressly stated in the Constitution, but the principle of ‘equal work for equal pay’ is only interpretative in nature. There isn’t any express mentioned about equal work for equal pay in the Constitution. In a nutshell, the Constitution speaks for social justice, issues relating to the regulation of the hours of work, regulation of labour supply, prevention of unemployment, protection of workers against sickness or injury, living wages, protection of children and women, provision for old age, protection of workers interests in countries other than their own and other measures. In contrast to this, the 1998 Declaration relatively promised less number of commitments. It did not provide for workplace safety, limits on work hours, freedom from workplace abuse, neither minimum, nor fair or living wage.

Although the labour organization’s monitoring and supervising standards have gained international acknowledgement, countries such as U.K. and U.S. have criticized the system for lacking proper follow-up mechanism. In this regard the Organization claimed that follow-up being not mandatory is more of a strictly promotional nature providing a global picture of the state of implementation of each category of fundamental principles and rights. Such a defence cannot be easily accepted. Hence creating a proper follow-up mechanism remains a target to be achieved in the near future as that would mean a positive contribution towards the expansion of future international labour rights regime.


Getting the Compensation for Unpaid Earnings

They can also help to set the standards high so other employers won’t be tempted to take advantage of their employees in the future. Don’t be nervous to speak up because they can’t fire you for filing such a claim. There is a very good chance many other people working there also need to talk to the unpaid overtime lawyer about their own situation. If they are doing it to one person, they are likely doing it to many.

Supply Information

It is important to document as much as you can when it comes to this type of case. The unpaid overtime lawyer is going to have to prove you worked those hours and you weren’t paid. This tends to be easier to do than other cases because there should be a clock in/clock out system at the job. In other scenarios, logins and logoffs from computers can give that information too.

Any agreement about your work pay and other stipulations should be on file in the human resources office. Your unpaid overtime lawyer can ask those documents at any time. This is important information for them to read through. It can verify if you are an hourly employee or on salary. If you are on salary, you can’t file a claim against them for unpaid overtime hours.

With a salary, you agree you will get a set amount of pay for the work you do. It isn’t contingent upon the hours you work. The way in which your work agreement is written can influence the laws and how they apply.

Settlement Request

Once the information has been evaluated by the unpaid overtime lawyer, and they feel there is a basis to file a claim, they will do so. They can come up with a dollar amount of money they feel is owed to you that was earned but not paid. This will be part of the settlement ask. If the company agrees to pay it, then the case can move forward quickly and be completed.

They should also agree to make changes to the way they pay for overtime in the future. This will prevent the problem from occurring again. If it seems they were negligent and not fraudulent, they may be able to avoid all legal consequences of the outcome too other than repaying you.
If they refuse to pay the settlement, be ready to go to court against them. If the company has been intentionally not paying the overtime, they may face legal ramifications including a fine and an audit.


The initial consultation with a unpaid overtime lawyer is usually going to be completed at no charge. If they agree you have a good case to pursue, they can discuss the specifics with you. They may be willing to do the work with no money up front. The stipulation with this will be once there is a settlement made, they will keep a percentage of that money.

This is a great way for you to get the legal representation you need without worrying about where the money to pay them is going to come from. With this type of agreement, if you don’t win the case, you still don’t owe anything to the attorney. They are going to fight to get you a winning outcome to see justice done and so they can get paid! is a resource you can count on when you need legal help. We specialize in certain areas of the law including your rights if you have been wrongfully terminated, you have been injured in an accident, and so much more. The right representation can help you to get a favorable outcome. We know the law inside and out and we will fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. You can trust Justice Law Group to give your case the personalized attention it needs. We will help you to navigate through the legal system, explain your rights and your options, and be by your side every step of the way!


Tips On Handling A DUI Arrest

If you have been pulled over by a police officer for drunk driving, it is essential that you think about every single move you make because the officer will start making observations and taking down notes right from the time they ask you to pull over. So find a safe place to pull over and do not make any sudden movements. After the officer approaches you, here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

Be Calm and Polite

When the officer is approaching, keep your hands on the wheel in the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock’ position. They are trained to respond to sudden movements so do not do anything that may get them nervous. When they talk to you, be polite. If you are rude to them, they will make sure that they do everything possible in order to get you convicted. If they ask you to get out of your vehicle, listen to them. If you don’t, you could be arrested for obstruction of justice. Basically, be polite and follow their instructions so that they can’t add anything negative to the report that they make.

Do Not Take Any Tests on the Field

If you are asked to take a sobriety test on the field, you have a legal right to deny it. Be firm and polite when doing so. A negative result is one of the biggest pieces of evidence that can be used against you. Since they are not often reliable indicators of whether you are intoxicated, you are under no obligation to perform these tests on the field. The same rule applies for breath analyzers. Do not agree to one because even these tests are very subjective and unreliable.

At the Police Station, only take a Chemical Test

If you have been taken to the police station, you will be compelled to take a chemical test there. Usually, you will be given a choice between a blood test and a breath test (this choice will depend on the state that you are in). If you have a choice, choose the breath test. This is because they are a little less reliable than blood tests so if it comes to fighting it out in court, you may just have a slightly better chance of getting it dismissed as evidence against you.

If you are then found drunk and get arrested, you should get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer. Not only should you start putting your case together but the quicker you can do it, the better it would be for you to remember everything properly and narrate the whole story to the attorney.


Four Reasons Why You Need a DUI Attorney

After being arrested for drinking and driving, you may be attempting to handle the matter on your own without any professional legal advice. Before you proceed to arraignment, it’s important to understand that being convicted of drunk driving carries serious consequences in every state, and the laws don’t necessitate that you be intoxicated or drunk to be found guilty. Whether you’ve just been arrested for the first time on driving while intoxicated charges or you’re facing repeat charges, these four reasons are worth consideration and will help explain how a qualified DUI attorney can navigate the court system and ensure that your case is handled properly.

1. Professional Assessment of Your Case

Since every case involves unique circumstances that are subject to different laws depending on the state you live in, the potential consequences of drinking and driving can vary greatly. An experienced DUI attorney will become an authority on your specific case and will help you understand the possible fines and/or jail time that you could be facing if your case proceeds to trial. Many lawyers in this area work exclusively on DUI matters and are experts in the process, including educating you on the sometimes hidden options that you may not be aware of. Your legal counsel will be able to tell you how the specific consequences in your state could affect you, and how you could be eligible for special programs such as community service in lieu of harsher penalties. In addition, hiring an advocate means you will have someone on your side that understands the motor vehicle licensing department’s power to revoke or suspend your license.

2. Help With Making the Process Manageable

Dealing with this type of offense can be time-consuming and complicated. A qualified lawyer can help make the process more manageable by completing all of the paperwork, handling phone calls, representing you at the suspension hearing for your license, and making other arrangements that can easily be mishandled by someone unaccustomed to the administrative side of the law. Additionally, an experienced DUI attorney will be familiar with the prosecutors and local authorities in your area, and will already know how to make the best arguments on your behalf.

3. Plea Advice

If this is your first offense, it can sometimes be wise to plead guilty depending on the facts of your case. But before making that decision, a DUI attorney can advise you on the fines and penalties in your state to ensure that you make the most informed decision. Your legal counsel can also provide advice on how to get one or more of your charges reduced by plea-bargaining before you decide whether or not to plead guilty.

4. Assistance With Sentence Bargaining

Besides plea-bargaining, it may also be possible to utilize sentence bargaining where you decide to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. In this situation, you would need a DUI attorney to help you figure out exactly what sentence you would get if you agreed to plead guilty to one charge but not to a second charge.

If you are feeling uncertain, choosing a high-quality lawyer could make a life-changing difference in the severity of the consequences you may be facing.


The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Domestic Violence Cases

When arguments get heated to the point where someone is injured, someone may call the police. Once reported, the incident may be labeled as domestic violence, a category that covers a variety of actions, including hitting, stalking, rape, and kidnapping.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined?

Domestic violence is defined as physical or mental abuse inflicted by a partner. This partner can be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other family member. This type of abuse includes inflicting bodily harm and taking measures to mentally torment someone so that they feel victimized. This can include imposing threats, blackmailing for money, withholding access to cash, and causing feelings of terror. It can result in years of mental anguish well after the case has been finalized.

Who Can Be Charged?

Virtually anyone can be charged with abuse, depending on the person’s age and the circumstances of the incident. If the charge results in a guilty verdict, it can mean jail time for the accused, particularly if anyone was injured or took part in serious crimes like false imprisonment or aggravated rape. The outcome of the case will vary from person to person, based on the facts, evidence, and the legal team working on the case.

Why Is a Criminal Defense Attorney Needed?

Anyone arrested for domestic violence will greatly benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Serious jail time is a possibility in this type of case, so it is crucial that fair legal representation is utilized. If there are past charges of abuse that resulted in any type of injury, it is even more important to seek the counsel of an experienced legal team.

If the allegations are false or exaggerated, a lawyer is needed even more. He or she will have the expertise required to prove that the charges were unnecessary. If the accusation proves to be true, an attorney may be able to secure a plea bargain in which the sentence can be reduced.

To avoid domestic violence charges, it is crucial to realize when it is time to walk away from an argument. If a disagreement becomes too volatile, take a breath and get out of the situation so that nothing escalates. For anyone who is accused of this crime, it is crucial to work very closely with a reputable criminal defense lawyer to ensure the case is tried fairly. Not going into court with fair representation can prove to be very costly.


What Happens to a Teacher Who Gets a DUI?

Teachers are people who have a great impact on children’s lives. Because of this, teachers are held to very high standards in order to keep their jobs. – And keeping a clean record is a part of this. A DUI is something that can ruin a teacher’s clean record and the penalties of a DUI as a teacher can be more than just a legal nightmare riddled with fines, community service, counseling and DUI school.

The Potential for Job Loss

In some cases a teacher who gets a DUI can lose their job immediately. However, in other situations teachers will be able to continue working, but their contract may not be renewed at the end of its term. Ultimately the decision depends on the school, the circumstances of the DUI and the state. If the DUI is a misdemeanor then an employer may be a little more lenient. However, if the DUI conviction is a felony, then of course the risk of a teacher losing their job is much higher.

Job Suspension

Some school districts will choose an alternative form of punishment for a teacher who is convicted of a DUI, such as a suspension without pay or requiring the teacher to take a year off. The amount of time the suspension lasts will be up to the school and may include other requirements, such as completing an alcohol rehabilitation program. Either way, these options will still mean a loss of wages for the teacher. Which financially speaking is just one more impact as a result of a DUI conviction.

Loss of Teaching License or Certification

Depending on the state where a teacher is arrested and convicted of drunk driving, he or she may automatically lose their teaching license or certification. Unfortunately if this happens, it will leave a teacher with the responsibility of having to find a completely new career, as they likely won’t be able to find employment working in education. This can obviously be a major blow for anyone in the teaching profession.

Being a teacher is a tough job. It’s a career that most people choose because they thoroughly enjoy helping people and having an impact on young people. This is why every teacher should remember the severe punishment for a DUI conviction in the education field. Heck, if you drink, just call a cab. It’s a lot cheaper and could save your life and your career.


Possible Penalties for Your First DUI in Florida

Being charged with a DUI is pretty much bad news in any part of the country, but in Florida things can be a bit worse. One reason is because if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, the DUI will stay on your record for 75 years. – Or pretty much for a lifetime. Unlike some other states, there is absolutely no chance of having a DUI expunged or sealed in the state of Florida. For smart people, this knowledge is a great deterrent and reminder that catching a ride or calling a cab is a really good idea after having a few drinks. Below is a breakdown of possible penalties that come with a first-offense DUI conviction in the sunshine state.

In Florida, driving under the influence and getting busted will earn you a license suspension of 180 days to a year depending on the details of your case. In Alabama it’s just 90 days. However, if you refuse to take the blood alcohol test at the time of arrest, because of Florida’s implied consent law, you will automatically lose your license for a solid year. Think about how this can impact your work, family and just everyday life.

Penalties don’t stop with license suspension however. Other than losing the ability to simply drive yourself to the grocery story, you could also be forced to catch a ride to your probation officer’s office. That’s right, you could end up on probation depending on the circumstances of your case.

So what about jail time? In Florida, you could serve up to 6 months in jail just for your first offense. – But here’s another kicker, if your blood alcohol concentration is.15 at the time of your arrest, a sentence of no more than 9 months in the big house will be issued.

You could also do a little community service and get a chance to go back to school… DUI school that is. Your car will be impounded for a minimum of ten days. You may have an interlocking device installed on your car and you will fork over plenty of cash for the fines you will have to pay for your first DUI in Florida.

Fines for being convicted of drunk driving for the first time in Florida range from $500 to $1000. Whereas in states like Virginia you may pay as little as $250.

When all is said and done, the state of Florida hopes to see the 61,852 arrests in 2015 drop dramatically in 2016. This could keep lots of people from being injured or killed.


Points to Consider When Choosing Legal Representation for a DUI

If you are facing drunk driving charges, you are facing a serious matter and there is a lot at stake. Because of this you are probably going to want to consult with a DUI attorney. An attorney can help you navigate through the complexities of the legal system, lighten the load and get charges reduced depending on the circumstances. When choosing an attorney however, there are several things you need to consider.

Consider an Attorney’s Experience

When it comes to attorneys, just like other professions, they aren’t all the same. Some have been in the business of defending clients for many years longer than other attorneys. – And this can make all of the difference. An experienced attorney might be able to provide you with advice on other options for the penalties you may face.

Select an Attorney with a Proven Track Record

You will always want to find a DUI attorney with a proven track record. – And checking on this is easier than you may think. There are plenty of websites online that have customer and client reviews of many different products and services including lawyers. So just by doing a few simple searches online, you can have a good idea of what you should expect from certain attorneys. It goes without saying, you always want to go with an attorney that has a four or five-star rating.

Choose a Private Attorney over a Public Defender

Anyone facing charges that can’t afford legal representation can always be represented by the public defender. However, many people will argue that hiring a private attorney is a much better idea. – And there are several reasons why.

First, a private attorney will have a much lighter caseload than that of a public defender. For this reason, a private attorney will be more easily accessible than a public defender who may take days to call you back if you have questions.

Secondly, a private attorney can handle your legal matters and your DMV matters, whereas a public defender will only handle the legal matters associated with your case. As we all know, dealing with the DMV on any level can be a major headache.

Also, private DUI lawyers specialize in the laws associated with drunk driving and might have better insight about possible options for your case.

Get a Free Consultation from a DUI Attorney

The nice thing is that most DUI attorneys offer free consultations to evaluate your case and help you decide how to proceed. You can even consult with a couple off DUI attorneys before hiring one. Whatever you do, if you are facing DUI charges, make sure you get legal representation.

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Five Reasons to Trust a Criminal Attorney

It is rightly said that every individual must keep away from three professionals in life – doctors, cops and lawyers. However, due to a lot of circumstances, you unfortunately have to go to all the three of them. You visit doctors when you are unwell, you meet cops, even when you don’t drive properly and you have to get into the trap of unfaithful lawyers for a long list of problems.

Talking of lawyers, not all can be trusted. There are many lawyers, who fool their clients by being unfaithful to them. However, this does not mean that there are no lawyers, who can’t be trusted. When it comes to criminal attorneys, you have surely got to trust in them.

Wondering why and how? Here is a list of five reasons that would act as signs for you to trust them:

1) Their years of experience counts: If you really wish to find a trustworthy lawyer for your criminal case, you have got to find someone, who has a good amount of experience in the same field. If a lot of clients have worked with him, so can you!

2) They are not over-polite to you: It is okay to find a lawyer, who is polite, but over-politeness doesn’t work for sure! If your lawyer is trying to be over-polite to you, there are chances that he is passing your information to the other party.

3) They know how to maintain their respect in front of your eyes: Every lawyer must know how to maintain his dignity and respect in front of his clients. If you have met a professional, who knows how to talk to you and not divert his attention to his personal life, you can surely trust him.

4) They are not over-friendly to you and are not trying to get too personal to you: A good lawyer never tries to poke into your personal life, unless it is really needed or unless it is related to the case that you are trapped in. Sometimes, it is okay to question the client’s personal stories or affairs, but not always.

5) They don’t seem greedy to you and are dedicated to their work: A trustworthy lawyer is the one, who is extremely dedicated to his work. When he is working, there is absolutely nothing else that should come to his mind. Moreover, if you find a criminal attorney, who doesn’t seem greedy for his fees or money, you should thank your angels, since it is hard to get such professionals.